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7 Things I've Been Meaning to Tell the Apocalypse

- Eric Stratton 

Are You Still There - Lathan Hill  

Breaking Point - Cave Kreidell 

Clinical Trials - Betty Duplantis 

Just a Taste - River Nerys 

Lovesick on the Farm at Midnight - Brandon Burkhart 

Notice Me - Alexis Rasmussen

Storm Clouds and Starlight - Samuel Kuforiji 

Story About a Hotel Pool - Taylor Thomas

The Blood Hierarchy - Samuel Kuforiji  

The Coast of Shifting Dreams - Nicholas Young 

The Little Man in the Big Tree - Ryker J. Sanders 

Creative Non-Fiction

August 9, 2014 - Gavin C. Hosto

Meditations on Existential Dread - Hannah Flanagan

Observations on The Bee Traps - Gavin C. Hosto

Old Dirty Waters - Sandra Gonzalez

One Hour - Mariah Starnes

The Oldest Middle Child - Violet Pina

Without Regret - Tera Schultz

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