The River Bluff Review is Southern Illinois University Edwardsville's student literary magazine.  Originally a print journal, it became a fully-online publication starting in 2020.

The RBR is produced by the students of English 494 (Literary Editing) during each fall semester.

A Letter from this Year's Editors:


The River Bluff Review has dedicated itself to promoting the artistic talent and literary excellence of SIUE’s undergraduate and graduate students for over twenty years. The 2021 issue is no different. 


Selecting each piece was an exhaustive process. Each submission received a thorough reading and a deep analysis. Arguments were had, breakout rooms broken, but when the dust settled (and when Zoom rebooted), we have these remarkable pieces to showcase the students of SIUE.    


The atmosphere of university life has been altered considerably. This has obviously caused obstacles on our way to completing this journal. Those difficulties would have proven to be too much if it wasn’t for our most ardent supporter, Professor Valerie Vogrin.  


The editors would also like to thank the College of Arts and Sciences and the English Department for their support.  


These pieces are current, they are provocative, and they resonated with the editorial staff. Our desire is for these pieces to stir the same feelings inside of you.  


We hope you enjoy our selections for the 2021 edition of River Bluff Review.