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In Transit // Gabriel Brady

Cursed // Nicole Davee

They're Always Warm // Nicole Dixon

Ward of Womanhood // Nicole Dixon

Rivers End // Elizabeth Donald

Seasons // Elizabeth Donald

The Eighth Wonder of the World // Tonia Estes

Dotted Yellow Line // Dylan Hembrough

Skin // Jenna Heng

Sinking into My Father's Sorrow // Kayla Kramer

The Dream of Delusion // Kayla Kramer

There's More to Life // Cheyenne Slack

A Life of Her Own // Brandi Spann

Last Rites // BayLee Wetzel

A Week Without Water // BayLee Wetzel

50 Year Haiku // francesca wms.

In Your Eyes // francesca wms.

Snowflakes on Your Face // francesca wms.

A True Blue Rose Left Unrequited // Emily Wolff

An Unclaimed Feather on the Breeze // Emily Wolff

After // Ridley Zarate

Chained // Ridley Zarate

Reflected in Glass // Ridley Zarate


Tiny Monsters // Elizabeth Donald

Big Shot // Nathaniel Dyer

A Fall on Clover Fields // Miles Eschmann

Luca's Paintings // Miles Eschmann

Greatest Hits // Christina Giacalone

Imprisoned Perceptions // Christina Giacalone

Pastimes // Christina Giacalone

Aerosolstice // David Guerrero

Red in Reclamation // Winter Racine

The Man and His Tomato Plants // Eddie Roth

Flash Fiction

Her Mother's Hands // francesca wms.

You Will Always Need Coriander // Lindani Memani

Creative Non-Fiction

Curly Red Secrets // Kevin Cox

Meditation on my Ethnicity // Emily Sterzinger

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