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Ward of Womanhood

This body belongs to Mother Nature 

Who forces me to bleed  

(In a society who insists on keeping it a secret). 


This body belongs to "Justice" Clarence Thomas 

Who believes I do not need a Plan B 

So that I can protect plan A 



This body belongs to the Supreme Court 

Who believes it is up to the state  

This body belongs to MOOK 

To determine how it renders 


                                   creates life. 


They force it to birth  

They force it to feed  

They force it to fight  

In exchange for my life 


This body does not belong to me. 


Nicole Dixon

Nicole Dixon is currently pursuing an MA in English Literature, and aspires to publish a chapbook that focuses on color in unconventional ways. When she’s not doing homework, reading, or writing you can find her at the movies, an ocean, or most likely the library.  

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