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They're Always Warm (Have you noticed?)

The shades of love 

that come from mothers 

are warm. 


Not beaming 

like candy-colored heels 

or neon signs. 

Those are for aunties. 

(And they'll remind you too) 


Not deep 

like mahogany wines 

or fresh blueberries. 

Only grandmas 

can reach those hues. 


Just warm. 


Like the leaves in autumn 

just before falling 

or amber protected butterflies. 

The exact pantones 

will remain unknown, 

but the color of love 

will always be warm 

when coming from your mother. 


Nicole Dixon

Nicole Dixon is currently pursuing an MA in English Literature, and aspires to publish a chapbook that focuses on color in unconventional ways. When she’s not doing homework, reading, or writing you can find her at the movies, an ocean, or most likely the library.  

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