The New Space Race

Kaye Moore

I saw it on the TV last night: 

they built their towers of dollar bills in the sand, 

took a joyride into space, 

rocketed into the stratosphere, 

and watched the world grow small 

beneath their weightless feet. 

They came back down to Earth and 

popped a cork for one small step 

for the billionaires, 

and one giant leap for nobody, 

while the rest of us march on 

amidst empty store shelves and 

hospitals filled with dying faces. 


Houston, we have a problem! 

The world is collapsing around us—

do you copy? 

Can anyone read us? 

Their towers stand unmoved by our pleas, 

colossal monuments in the sand which lies 

boundless and bare. 

And above, their contrails stretch far away. 

Contributor's Note

Kaye Moore writes poetry and slipstream fiction.  She always strives to sprinkle just enough “aboutness” into her work.  When she is not writing or providing technical support to her family, she enjoys playing video games and creating digital art.  She would like to thank her friends, family, professors, the buildings on campus, and Douglas Adams for their inspiration.