Red, White, Blue, yellow

BayLee Wetzel

Skin shades of supermarket lemons, and if you 

were to lick it, you would taste how sour it is 

to be yellow under white stars and red stripes. 

Open your eyes and What are you? 

When I was ten years old, a white boy I loved 

stole my heart for a math assignment. 


I am coronavirus and running stop signs, eyebrows 

straight—straight black hair and You look 

so young my dog ate my homework and she ate 

my dog in a radioactive wasteland and the land 

of the free—Go back to your own country! 

I am not a minority because I am smart.  


Sex appeal, yellow fever, hidden from the big screen, 

laughingstock, made to mock—Asian in America. 

Contributor's Note

BayLee Wetzel is a junior majoring in English with a double minor in Creative Writing and Spanish. Apart from being a Resident Assistant on campus and a loving cat mom, she has found her home in writing. BayLee wants to thank her mother and two brothers for their endless support, as well as her father, who she knows would be extremely proud of her if he could be here today.