My Only, but Favorite

Emily Wolff

Light you once were, loud you still are. 

Intelligent though you don’t always believe it. You remain 

tough and fearless for your wings have never been clipped. 

To hold you back would be to hold back a storm. For you are a 

leader, someone that inspires passion and a belief that is never 

ending. You think as though you are Confucius speaking   

brilliant thoughts into existence that disturb as much as they intrigue. 

Rainbows have formed from the light that has passed through your 

old soul. You rage in reds, create in oranges, and smile in yellows. You find  

tranquility in greens, wisdom in blues, and wealth in violets. I pray you find 

happiness on whatever path life takes you down and that you remain 

enlightened for all your years to come. Believe in yourself and 

remember that power comes from within: Smart And Mighty are you. 

Contributor's Note

Emily Wolff is in her first year of graduate school studying for her MA in Literature. She plans to finish her MA before going on to receive a PhD with hopes of contributing to a brighter tomorrow. Her love for books is what created her love for writing, and she wants to use her love for writing to inspire the world. She has come to find that it is therapeutic to express herself through poetry.