Introspection and Metaphysics


Every mirror I look into looks back at me differently, 

something to do with an infinite possibility. 

As if looking deep into the glass with sheer will and proximity 

will allow me to have a moment of affinity. 


The problem with not being able to recall my own face 

is that existence becomes something hard to embrace. 

I am aware that I am here taking up physical space  

But my awareness is limited to my present time and place.  


I should at least be able to give you my physical description  

or paint you a picture or give a simple definition. 

The best can I offer is a rough estimation  

even then it won’t be near the entire equation. 


It goes beyond my face and relates to my whole being, 

since my senses and my brain are always disagreeing. 

Incompatibility is heavy and emotionally defeating,  

and I will never know if I truly believe what I am seeing.  


I live in general discontent of how I think my appearance should be,  

I sit longing for the day that something might set me free. 

But in every case, I cannot see what others see 

and I fear I will never comprehend that this person is “me.” 

Contributor's Note

Mackey is a junior studying English and Philosophy. She is also a member of Alpha Phi Omega and the university’s Honors Program. Mackey hopes that one day she will be able to share her love of knowledge and learning with future students, as she is planning on becoming an English professor.