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In Transit

There was a guy. 

He’s sitting on a train, feeling it move 

feeling the Earth slip away around him. 

It’s kinda pretty, seeing everything float by 

out the windows, all around. 

But he can’t help but feel like he’s not there. 

Like he’s nowhere. 

Like the world isn’t flying by around him. 

It’s slipping by. 

Out of touch, out of reach.  

Nothing to hold onto. 

Nothing real. 

All alone. 

Oh god … I think I’m sick 

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Gabriel Brady

Gabriel Brady is a senior in political science with two minors: mass communications and creative writing. He has been working at The Alestle, SIUE’s student-run news source, for three years and wants to pursue journalism professionally. However, creative writing and poetry have always interested him as a passion. In his free time, Gabriel also enjoys playing music at local bars and cooking (he has a penchant for fancy grilled cheeses and pasta alfredo).

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