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Her Mother's Hands


“You have your mother’s hands.” 


Time and time again, she heard those words. 


As if she had stolen them.


francesca wms.

francesca’s taut, clean style tends to “cut to the chase” of an emotional moment. From the concise storytelling of Hands, to the “poem quilt” subtlety of 50, the precise imagery of Snowflakes, and the cleverly biting elegance of Eyes, one may realize there’s meticulous craftworking at hand. Thoughtful choices allow her narratives to flow with a natural effortlessness. And apparently, francesca’s twisted sense of humor plays well with others:


I found your machete.

Note: This Postcard Fiction—at 22 words—is a sub-genre of Flash Fiction. Noted for their brevity and evocativeness, these complete stories urge readers to ponder deeper meanings. Common elements call for the use of only one or two characters, to hook the reader with a plot and “slam-bang” finish, and a sharp editor.


I love Flash Fiction. Tells a story, short and sweet. The imagery is there, a surprise ending makes us think, laugh, and be on our way.

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