For the Girls Who Glow

Nicole Dixon

To the girls who  

consider themselves a pale blue,  

the ones with smiles 

that like to play peek-a-boo 

and voices so soft   

it sounds like raindrops, 

I promise you that 

you are just as vibrant 

as all of those around you. 

And although the sun  

may not shine directly on you, 

don’t you dare forget that  

you have the moon. 


That is why you glow. 


To the people who 

consider some girls to be 

a pale blue, 

the ones who think that  

shine only counts if 

it is external. 

I’ve come to tell you  

that their shine  

is internal,   

and is worth more  

than we’ll ever know. 

If you take a moment 

to look at these girls 


You’ll see why they glow.  


Once again, 

to the girls who 

consider themselves a pale blue, 

the ones at home  

with a book in bed  

or a ton of thoughts  

floating in her head,  

I promise you that  

you are more vibrant than 

all the colors in spring and summer. 

Don’t you dare let this world  

make you think any other.  

For you are not a pale blue, 


You are your own color.   

Contributor's Note

Nicole Dixon is a senior majoring in Mass Communications with a minor in Creative Writing. She has always been drawn to spoken word and poetry, and thanks to RBR, she finally found the courage to share her passion. She plans to self-publish a short chapbook after she graduates, titled (as of now), Kaleidoscope Visions. Nicole would like to thank her many professors at SIUE, RBR, her loved ones, and especially Kyle, all of whom have uplifted and inspired her to continue to be herself.