The ocean loved himself. He loved the way he flowed and waved and spun around. But the ocean was sad. He could not see himself. He was too wide and too deep to ever know what he looked like.

Neumann: It wasn’t grooming. You were over 18 when you started seeing this guy, right? That’s just called making dumb-assed decisions.

I’m your mother, I own you. Seventeen years and you’d think she would understand that my body moves free of my instruction.

Her whole body shuddered, simultaneously hot as hell and sure she’d never be warm at her center again. 

The trio of pups nodded enthusiastically as Mama started her tale. / “Once upon a time, before our coats were spotted, there was snow...”

Lucy was too busy for her now that she was in high school and had friends. Sam used to be her best friend, her only friend. 

Losing wasn’t an option, but winning didn’t seem like one either. A choice trapped between waves of fate.

A moment of stillness—then the hunt is on.

Notice by Order of United States Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District of Shenandoah / PLEASE TAKE NOTICE:

As a final goodbye, she decided to flip up her middle finger to him. / It was her house now.