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Willow Dickerson

Willow Dickerson is a senior majoring in English and a minor in Mass Communication. In her spare time, she prefers reading and listening to music. Willow took ENG 494 because of her interest in improving her literary critique skills. 

Fox, Jasmine1

Jasmine Fox

Jasmine is a Junior majoring in Biology Secondary Education and minoring in Literature. She hopes to be a high school Biology or English teacher upon deciding whether to pursue higher education or the medical field. Living in a small town with her partner, kids, and many animals, Jasmine enjoys fishing and boating on the Kaskaskia River during the summer months. Editing for RBR was fun and time flew.

Tyler Photo.jpeg

Tyler Gebke

Tyler Gebke is a senior majoring in English with a minor in Creative Writing. In his free time, he likes to read books, listen to audio books and podcasts, write fiction stories, and play video games. Tyler also enjoys spending time playing with his two schnauzer dogs: Chada and Daisy. He enjoyed working on this year's River Bluff Review with the others in the class and hopes you enjoy reading it.

Gingrich.Sebastian - Editor Photo.jpg

Sebastian Gingrich

Sebastian is in his final year at SIUE and will graduate in 2023 with a B.A. in English and a minor in Biological Sciences. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music, hiking, and spending time with his dog Ollie. Sebastian is thrilled to have been a part of this year's edition of the River Bluff Review and hopes you enjoy exploring it as much as the editors enjoyed putting it together!

Bailey Hanson

Bailey will graduate in December with a B.A. in English and a minor in Applied Communication Studies and she is excited to have been a part of this year’s team for SIUE’s River Bluff Review! In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading, hanging out with her cat, Ophelia, and exploring new coffee shops. After graduation, Bailey plans to stay local and pursue an M.A. in Educational Policy at Saint Louis University.  

Matthew Mooty

Matthew Mooty is in their first year as a graduate student pursuing a Masters in English Literature. Following the completion of their degree, they seek to advance to a Ph.D. in Literature. Their literary interests include Sci-Fi, Murder Mystery, Gender Studies, and Young Adult Lit. Outside of school, Matthew collects a wide variety of house plants and books, and enjoys spending time with their three cats: Morty, Dunkin, and Dutch.


Nehemiah Robenstine

Nehemiah is a senior majoring in Integrative Studies, taking advantage of the free education offered by the government for wearing boots and making parking lots look pretty.


Nehemiah has driven down most of the highways in the country for money, while listening to music that comes back to haunt him at Spotify Wrapped. Future goals include exchanging written words for food and petting cats for free.


Life is a box of chocolates in the shape of an onion: there are layers to it and you never know what you are going to get.


francesca wms.

An autodidact by nature and a wordsmith by trade, francesca is—unsurprisingly—a Liberal Studies major.


Grateful for the wisdom only obtained through the advancing of years, this fortunate “woman of a certain age’s” twisted sense of humor revels in her card-carrying Cougar status.


Twenty years ago, a kindergarten teacher told francesca, “Don’t worry. The kids coming up now are awesome!” Realizing today: these are those kids, her classmates. And they are awesome. Hire them. 


Kayla Kramer

Kayla has been writing and editing since she was fifteen. She enjoys poetry, flash fiction, short stories, scripts, and fiction. Immersing herself in topics that she is passionate about such as feminism, human rights, environmentalism, and familial issues, Kayla’s writing often includes these subjects with the hope of connecting with others. She is honored to have been a part of completing the 2022 edition of River Bluff Review.

Lex Norris

As a Computer Science major and Creative Writing minor, Lex takes an interest in finding the best cross-section of programming and storytelling. In small bouts of free time, Lex can be found rereading books they’ve already left post-it notes in, writing short pieces of fiction, maintaining a GitHub, and placing both commas and semicolons incorrectly.

Slack, Cheyenne-Editor

Cheyenne Slack

A Senior majoring in media production and minoring in creative writing, Cheyenne is best known for her contribution as “the voice of the MUC,” as a host and writer for the student-led sketch show Global Village, and air host at 88.7, The Sound. Grateful to be a part of preserving arts and culture at SIUE, Cheyenne looks to combine her love for writing, media production, and performing in future endeavors. 


Ridley Zarate

Ridley Zarate has been writing poetry since middle school. With stark simplicity, they often write about the more difficult aspects of mental health others avoid discussing. Current work on their first book of poetry brings them closer to realizing a dream: to see their work in bookstores. Five cats enjoy interrupting their writing process, and when they aren’t writing or posting to their poetry Instagram, @sleepysadpoet, they can be found reading or playing video games.

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