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A Sigh for Help 

As Jane Eyre hears Rochester’s cries, 

I gnaw on salty reading snacks 

until a Yellow Jacket flies 

onto my couch’s leather cracks. 


I slowly stretch my corner eye 

and watch this tired resident 

collapse their ginger wings and sigh 

like Shakespeare sick with discontent. 


I want to ask if they’re okay, 

but bugs don’t talk. They fly away. 

  • Caleb Delos-Santos is an English graduate student. In his four years of writing, Caleb has released two poetry collections, A Poet’s Perspective (2022) and Once One Discovers Love (2023), and has published in over twenty literary magazines. Caleb also won the 2022 Esselstrom Writing Prize and the West Wind Literary Magazine’s 2023 Best in Genre Award for his nonfiction. Today, Caleb dreams of a successful writing and teaching career. 

    Instagram: caleb.delos_santos 

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