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Finding a Place of My Own

I. On Rainy Walks 


Whenever it rained I would be 

excited to walk to school. I’d wear my 

rubber boots with the white flowers on the heels 

and splash in the dancing puddles.  


I’d pinch homeless worms to slap 

back into the wet grass like a proper saint. Sure that 

they would shrivel on the steaming pavement  

when the clouds could no longer shield them.  


II. On the Swings  


On the playground was a metal swing set in a pit of 

shredded hot tires that smelled strongly against 

the sweet honeysuckle bushes. 

I’d kick hard against the spongy material  

    and start to rocket; 

   back and forth;                           

                                                with each breath;    

             the rushing air;  

         silenced the screaming children;                    

 and swished away the scents;                              

                                                                                 until it was just         me                                                                                    

                                                                                                                                   flying away.  ​

  • After perfectly assimilating into human society, Nicole Davee has decided to pursue a bachelor’s in English while running their small art business, “Nekodoodle”. Nicole hopes to combine their creative skills into many cool projects in the future. In their free time they love to play D&D, study Cthulhu Mythos, and unravel the secrets of the universe. 

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