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Creature's Keeper

I remember meeting you for the first time: 

Red in the face from crying, wrinkled skin 

Like an old man mad at the world’s crimes. 

You had no teeth, and your hair was so thin. 

Family would coo to me about you: 

“My, what a good big sister you will be!” 

No pressure for a girl with Velcro shoes. 

Who could this little stranger be to me? 

I had just met the weird, small, soft creature, 

And was already given the task by our parents. 

But I didn’t ask to be anyone’s keeper. 

Reluctantly, my fondness grew. 

I held you for the first time while you slept, 

promising to protect you as you dreamt. 


  • Kelsey Oglesby is a junior studying Mass Communications and Creative Writing. After college, she hopes to have a career in radio and continue writing for fun. She enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her dog Dolly.  

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