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Viva America

I saw that Red River 

Run down and out 

From my cabin painted White 

Under that big Blue  

Blanket of sky. 


The Heart of America. 

He stands so proud, 

With his perfect Blue eyes. 

Able-bodied, clear-minded. 

Ready, ready, ready! 


He’s a 1 in 3,000 year man. 

The Übermensch, ready to free 

The world from their own undoing! 

The filth of the world to be freed! 

He has the reins, 

Let’s see where he takes us… 


He ran down the arteries: 

Suburban USA. 

From building to building 

To outlet mall to gated community, 

You’d hear him say, 

“Negroes, Gays, Jews, 

Kill them all!” 


Not long after, 

People followed him. 

The ones that didn’t, 

Were the ones he listed. 


He moved to the lungs: 

The Big City, USA, 

With its tent towns and subsidized housing, 

And he let his words be heard, 

“The weak and meek on my soil, 

Remove yourselves from God’s land!” 

And some took out knives 

And slit their own wrists in fear. 

The ones remaining joined him, 

In hopes of a greater tomorrow. 


He walked to the Capitol 

And burned each tree 

And stabbed each animal 

And raped every woman 

And demeaned men for 

Their penis size. 

He poured oil into the streams 

And ruined our relations with 

China, India, Russia, Iran, 

The Koreas, Japan, 

And all our White allies. 

Meanwhile, he brought our jobs 

Back from the penny-pinchers: 

The Southern Hemisphere, 

And he took it from those 

Scum-suckers and gave it 

To good, regular White American workers. 

He privatized the nation, and gave us all incentive again, 

And saved us from our own undoing and laziness. 


His plans are numerous and wise. 

He’s cooking something up: a new world. 

If you don’t get it, then you won’t be in it. 


He walked into D.C., 

The Military is waiting… 

Cities are struck with plague, 

Dead animals line roads and railways, 

The sissies on the news shut up, 

And we’re all so sick and tired. 


The Military lets him pass 

To a podium surrounded by flags. 

The flagpoles reach high to the sky. 

Red, White, and Blue. 


He reaches the podium. 

No need to be sworn in, 

He won by a landslide. 

All he had for the crowd was two words, 

“Viva America!” 


The crowd cheered, 

Viva America, indeed. 

  • Bruce Darnell is a sophomore Mass Comm major and a History and Creative Writing minor. His goal after college is survive until water shortages cause global conflict and he doesn’t have to repay his debt. If this falls through, then he plans on finding a job as a multimedia journalist. He currently serves The Alestle as the “head idiot,” a job title not listed on their website. He takes pride in his work. 

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