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A Mineral in Misery

My cracking plastic desk supports 

a tiny shineless rock 

because, unlike a pearl or quartz,  

this broken stone can talk. 


Its battered skin bears five tattoos 

infused with tarnished grease. 

Unlike the tablet’s natural hues, 

this stinging paint spells “PEACE.” 


I see this toxic irony 

and hear this pebble’s plea. 

  • Caleb Delos-Santos is an English graduate student. In his four years of writing, Caleb has released two poetry collections, A Poet’s Perspective (2022) and Once One Discovers Love (2023), and has published in over twenty literary magazines. Caleb also won the 2022 Esselstrom Writing Prize and the West Wind Literary Magazine’s 2023 Best in Genre Award for his nonfiction. Today, Caleb dreams of a successful writing and teaching career. 

    Instagram: caleb.delos_santos 

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