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A Not so Love Letter

I am unsure  

how to write a love letter,  

but there are many things  

that I am sure of.  


I am sure  

of his lips—

slightly chapped, 

and perfectly pink.  

I am sure that  

when my hands trace his spine,  

they will find their way down  

to the dimples in his lower back.  


I am sure that  

his skin will be warm when my lips  

find that soft spot in the crook of his neck, 

or when my lips find the back of his hand. 

Instead of writing a love letter,  

I settle on saying,  

“I love him,” 

knowing I will never fully  

map his body with my fingertips.  


I settle on making him smile, 

just so I can get a glimpse.  

That heavenly smile, and the way 

his eyes squint when he laughs. 


I settle on writing  

his holy smile  

onto the faces  

of my fictional characters.  


I settle on writing  

this letter. 

A not so 

love letter  

  • Cave Kreidell is a senior. He is an English major who spends his spare time writing a mix of poetry and flash fiction. 

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