Lauren Heaton


the beginning and ending of 

 all stories.  

Transforming words into  

  sentences, creating worlds upon worlds. 

Suspended in motion by  

the weight of imagination, 

  burdened with being the only one  

with this knowledge. 

The seven pillars that are missing 

 to support the separation between the star-filled skies 

 from colliding with the rest of the universe in hand. Making 

shoulders bearing this weight 

 curl into themselves.  

When must this burden 

 be shared?  

Does the creating and collecting of lives 

 to be tossed  

and discarded later 

matter in the long run?  

Discoveries have no meaning when they  

 make no difference in lives of reality. 

Am I just a murmur in the universe? 

Are my stories forever mine,  

 own to bear? 

Have I become an Atlas of my own making? 

Contributor's Note

Lauren Heaton is a senior majoring in both English and Mass Communications. She is a lover of fairytales, folklore, and mythologies! Anything that is animated, she makes plans to watch and enjoy it. She says that they are a study of methods when it comes to storytelling. She believes that if you have to do work, do something that brings you joy.