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50 Year Haiku

Decade 1



evening turns to night

you breathed for me now i breathe

welcome child of earth.



couple lacks baby

teary mother gives her child

happy and heartbroken.



carried from to home

couple plus baby makes three

place softly in crib.



nurture growing child

go see run eat play sleep go

absorb worlds dream bright.



classroom door breathe deep

wonders unfold all around

hug mom have fun bye.



reading books galore

writing in ink grown-up style

arithmetic done.



hot dry west texas

grandparents loft hide and talk

skateboard meet phone pole.



His dainty spring mew

large fierce tom such a true cat

live on furry friend.



long days toss run ride

doors open someone to play

your rules may vary.



life happy until

beloved pink dress with rickrack

suddenly too small.

Decade 2



from jumpers to jeans

eyes open mouth closed just watch

my own opinions.


High School

freshmen health ladies

graduation couldn't hear

proudly v.i.p.



wars and politics

unknown evening news concerns

hey this stuff smells sweet.



rackets balls cleats sweat

who cares who wins just a game

shake hands and be nice.



car access freedom

country rides graffiti done

bottles plunk on signs.



moments together

clumsy lovemaking attempts

why must I do this?



suitcases books stuff

roommate's suitcases books stuff

where's our storage room?



ugly faner hall

people going everywhere

classes pizza beer.



smoky bars wild times

weekends party where's the car

at least i think so.



days early and late

dollar work for dollar pay

if time to lean, clean.

Decade 3


Make Home

pack away for good

young adult must start somewhere

hope he's good to her.



girl gal young woman

grown up lessons hard to learn

I liked being ten.



cat person dog naught

puppy paper trained indoors

won't do that again.



six months to the day

his flight benefits kicked in

now husband and wife.



summer then year round

decision not very hard

money more than school.



use flight benefits

where did you go this weekend

free through atlanta.



grimy rude noise

trains so tight no air to breathe

my head screamed at me.



fresh green country air

house land space quiet living

fog rolls in at three.



ectopic just weeks

worst pain ever nearly died

won't do that again.



follow the most cash

sell pcs to ibm

hardware for mainframes.

Decade 4



country living suits

long days quiet nights alone

work with animals.



banish the bullshit

building home business and me

acquire knowledge.


Birth Family

closure comes sudden

reunite with birth family

on the internet.



rescuing young curs

cuteness outgrown meets their fate

dumped off at the pound.



large mean tom defends

he'd eat me if i went first.

deceptively sweet.



startup goes awry

big man cheated little guy

spouse quit job today.



up out on our way

new job new state better pay

rebuild life relief.



royalties at stake

walk away or choose to fight

bad for all involved.



winter wonderland

snow falls in feet not inches

think we need a plow.


Stay Home

was stay at home wife

few people but tasks appear

full days either way.

Decade 5



agile dogs look good

compete the bond grows replete

much work for titles.



Book learning or not

we must all face our demons

matters not its fate.


Dead Pets

five dogs six cats gone

judged not content alongside

they were all beloved.


Move Home

old folks it's now time

to flip parent child duties

nothing prodigal.



forty years one house

full of memories and stuff

my baggage and theirs.


Dead People

our parents our friends

gave gifts their love life lessons

death does liberate.



good man not enough

unsustainable heart dies

be true to myself.


New Life

put myself out there

new romantic love how nice

right place right time whew.


Grown Up

they made me grow up

assume the mantle instead

i might just like it.


50 Things

i've come full circle

reached beyond my grasp to find

my past to today.


francesca wms.

francesca’s taut, clean style tends to “cut to the chase” of an emotional moment. From the concise storytelling of Hands, to the “poem quilt” subtlety of 50, the precise imagery of Snowflakes, and the cleverly biting elegance of Eyes, one may realize there’s meticulous craftworking at hand. Thoughtful choices allow her narratives to flow with a natural effortlessness. And apparently, francesca’s twisted sense of humor plays well with others:


I found your machete.

Note: Upon turning 50, francesca decided to challenge herself by attempting 50 things she had never done, in 50 consecutive days, and blogging about each day on her website. Writing her auto-biography in 50 haiku was Day 3. Whether scuba diving, glider flying, or glass blowing, francesca met people who were passionate about life.


When you push past your comfort zone, you begin to live.


Clever use of haiku style as an autobiographical device.

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